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Birth Certificates UK

“Unabridged” certificates are the same as FULL certified birth certificates. These include the full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth and parents’ details.

“Abridged” certificates are the same as SHORT (or half) birth certificates. This certificate is usually issued at the time of birth. It does not have the parents' details included. This type of certificate does not help a genealogist when researching.

In England and Wales, all births, marriages and deaths are registered by law. This law started on 1st July 1837. Following the 'Births and Deaths Act 1874', it was the responsibility of those present at the event to report a birth. If the registration was late or even not-registered, the person responsible was penalised and fined.

Before 1969, the child's surname was not registered. The gender was noted as Boy or Girl. The certificate format is landscape. However, from 1969 onwards, the child's surname is recorded. The gender was noted as Male or Female. The certificate format is portrait.

If you are a UK citizen, and you wish to use a birth certificate as proof of identity, this is not always accepted. It is against the law to impersonate someone else by using their birth certificate and comes under identity fraud.

Certificates are obtained for many reasons. The following a just a few reasons:
1. Passport applications
2. Genealogy
3. Family history research
4. Naturalisation processes

For anyone adopted, who is searching for their birth parents prior to their adoption, UK law allows adopted people to obtain their birth certificate once they reach the age of 18.

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Certified Certificates

You will receive full or long form certificates which are certified legal copies, unabridged, suitable for official purposes such as Passports, Pensions, Visas, Driving Licences, Work pre-checks including those conducted by the Criminal Records Bureau, or for Housing Applications, Social Security and Immigration.

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UK Document Services provide a safe and secure online ordering system for replacement certificates. All private data sent between your browser and our servers is protected using industry standard encryption protocols.

Unsure of the details?

If you do not know all the details for your certificate, this is not a problem. We will do our best with the information you have to locate the record and will confirm the details with you if we are unsure. If you decide not to proceed, we will issue you a full refund.


If you need a certificate for applications such as Passports, Pensions, Visas, Driving Licences, Work pre-checks including Criminal Records Bureau checks, Housing Applications, Social Security and Immigration or are conducting Family History Research, we are here to help.