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Certified Certificates

A Divorce certificate is also referred to as a Decree Absolute, Divorce Certificate, Divorce Affidavit, Legal Decree, or Divorce Absolute.

You will receive a fully certified legal copy of a Decree Absolute, suitable for official purposes.

Reasons you may require a replacement certificate are:
You have lost your decree absolute, or you need a replacement, you've been married or in a civil partnership before so you'll need evidence you're free to remarry or enter a new civil partnership, or you require an extra copy or even to find out whether a friend or relative has been divorced.

Example Divorce Certificate

Example divorce certificate lg

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UK Document Services provide a safe and secure online ordering system for replacement certificates. All private data sent between your browser and our servers is protected using industry standard encryption protocols.

What is a Decree Absolute?

The Decree Absolute is the final legal document which dissolves the marriage. The Decree Absolute means your divorce is completed and you are no longer married to your partner. The Decree Absolute will legally end the marriage.

Certificate Sources

Certificates are ordered from the local courts or the Central Family Court. We are an independent agency and are not affiliated with any government body.